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1) Astrid:  Try this tasty new drink, I made for the holidays! <3Hiccup:  Thank you, my Lady!2) -3)Astrid:   And? <3Hiccup: ….Mhm /D”4)Astrid:   *looks away*  I do this every year now! *thinks*Hiccup:   Urgh…..x_x——————————————————————So guys, i wish you a merry christmas! <3
These pictures decorate the christmas cards that I sent to my dear friends. I hope the little comic enjoys my friends and you, my dear follower! The scene is from the christmas episode of “Riders of Berk” and called „Gift form the Night Fury“.Can you remember?
Unfortunately we had no snow, so we take the photos inside. :(
I hope you like it and you have a wonderful christmas time!Ps: who can tell me what all is in the drink? XDhiccup31 as Hiccupme as Astrid
  • 23 Dezember 2012
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