We want the same thing

25 years old, Cosplayer and a huge fan of Cherik, McFassy, RDJude, Michael Fassbender, Comics, Movies and Games.~

I want to upload some of my older cosplays, do you haven’t seen before. :D (Part 2)

Here my Astrid Cosplay ~

„How to train your Dragon“ is one of my favorite animated movies!
All the characters are absolutely perfect. Toothless mimicry can entertain me for hours, Astrid is an absolute power woman and Hicks is just incredibly adorable. <3 
The cosplay was quite spontaneous, but I love it so much! I wore it only once so far, but that will change. I like it too much to leave it only for one time. <3
Other shoots are planned. ~

(Part 1)

hiccup31 as Hiccup
o0yulice0o as Toothless
Me as Astrid
Photos by midgard1612 and others.

  • 27 Dezember 2012
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