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25 years old, Cosplayer and a huge fan of Cherik, McFassy, RDJude, Michael Fassbender, Comics, Movies and Games.~

I want to upload some of my older cosplays, do you haven’t seen before. :D (Part 6)

Here my Alucard Cosplay ~

Hellsing was one of my first manga and anime. I have a great weakness for vampires, so I was fascinated by this story from the beginning.
It was a long-existing desire to cosplay Alucard. This wish I fulfilled myself at 2012. <3
Together with my loved ones; but the day was too short! I hope, therefore, that we repeat again sometime. The cosplay was actually under plain stress. This can also be seen well on the vest. I have, just made a row of buttons, instead of two / D
But I am still very proud of this cosplay and just waiting to wear it again with my wonderful group ~ Much love to you, guys! <3

Part 1 – Harley Quinn
Part 2 – Astrid
Part 3 – Zelda
Part 4 – Vincent
Part 5 – Stayne


 hiccup31 as Seras Victoria
albenkind as Lady Integra Faibrook Wingates Hellsing
aidanatemyheart as Young Walter

Weapons by o0yulice0o

Photos by albenkind and yugoku

  • 5 April 2013
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