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Hey Guys <3 

The convention is over and so slowly all the photographs will be published. The stress decreases and me remain only the good memories in the moments with my friends.

Here is one of my newest cosplays:

Jadis - The White Witch from Chronicles of Narnia

I opted for the Vouge version, because she has different hair and a different crown there. With the film version, unfortunately I could not do much. (I don’t like dreadlocks ^^”)  So I prefer the Vouge version of Jadis. <3 

I’m a huge Tilda Swinton Fan~ She is so awesome and a incredibly beautiful Jadis! <3 

I hope you like it ~ (Due to the Convention, unfortunately the c
oloring is almost gone at the dress. ;^;)

More Photos will follow in the winter :D!

Reference: Vouge Version

hiccup31 as Lucy Pevensie (Voyage of the Dawn Treader)

Photos by: KittiNygma, ToonTwins, Dreamfeather and Anime-Thunder

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  • 3 April 2014
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